Income Situation of the Households in the Slovak and the Czech Republic

Acta Oeconomica et Informatica, AOEI, VOL. 15, No. 1/2012

RECORD ONLINE: 25.02.2012
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income, expenditures, households, income situation in the Slovak Republic, income situation in the Czech Republic
This paper deals with the income situation of households in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic in the years 2005 - 2OO8.The Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic have recently experienced phases of economic growth and periods of economic crisis; this fact affects the standard of living and household behaviour and affects the formation of the life-style. Accession of the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic to the EU opened up the new opportunities not only in the formation of incomes but also in changes of consumer habits of the population in both states. The basis for these changes was given before 1989, since when it has been possible to monitor realization of reforms. In this process, a new structure of income and expenditures was gradually formed. Assessment of the standard of living of the population and its development is affected by several indicators. The key indicators that allow assessment of the standard of living and its development are the money income, consumption and expenditure for food, housing, culture, education and health care. Data on the household incomes and the household expenditures for the stated needs point at the standard of living of the population as well as various social groups. The reciprocal comparison of the differences in expenditures for basic living needs of the household is important, too.
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