multinomial logit; participation decision; rural households; yam agribusiness
Research background: Participation decisions in yam agribusiness could be one of the measures to combat hunger, poverty and enhance the income of resource-poor rural households in yam-producing areas.
Purpose of the article: This study examined the determinants of yam agribusiness participation decisions and the factors that influence yam agribusiness export participation in Benue State, Nigeria.
Methods: The sampling technique used to select 385 respondents was multi-stage but 377 responses were used for the analysis in this study. This multinomial Logit and Probit models are employed to achieve the purpose of this study.
Findings & Value: This study reveals that social capital, and literacy ratio influenced participation decision of rural households in input supply sector of yam agribusiness. Household size, age of household heads, literacy ratio and social capital influence the participation decisions in production sector of yam agribusiness. Age and gender of the households’ heads and literacy ratio influenced participation decisions in distribution and transportation sector of yam agribusiness while Age of the household heads, access to credit, tenure security, social capital and literacy ratio influenced the marketing component of yam agribusiness in Nigeria. The Probit analysis shows that gender of the household heads, extension contact, dependency ratio and literacy ratio influenced the willingness to participate in yam export agribusiness. Policies on literacy improvement, participation in relevant cooperative societies, provision of extension services, and tenure security that propels rural households to participate in yam agribusiness should be enacted to enhance income and improve the wellbeing of Nigerians.
Q12; Q13
3 - 11
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Moradeyo Adebanjo OTITOJU, Danjuma AHMADU, Peter Ifeanyichukwu NWANDU (2021) Determinants Of Yam Agribusiness Participation Decisions Among Rural Households. Review of Agricultural and Applied Economics. Advance online publication. doi: 10.15414/raae.2021.24.02.03-11
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