conservation agriculture; inverse probability weighted regression adjustment; multivariate probit; soil health
Research background: The threat from climate change remains a major concern especially for developing economies like Ghana. Hence, agricultural practices that are environmentally friendly and improves soil health are very necessary for building resilience.
Purpose of the article: The present study investigated the determinants of conservation agricultural practices in northern Ghana as well as the effect of these practices on soil health for sustainable production.
Methods: Using cross-sectional data collected by the International food policy research institute from 1284 households, a multivariate probit model was first performed to identify the determinants of conservation agricultural practices while the inverse probability weighted regression adjustment was employed to establish the effect of conservation agricultural practices on soil health.
Findings & value added: Results from the multivariate probit model showed that socioeconomic and institutional factors as well as different household-specific factors, influence farmer’s decisions to engage in various conservation agricultural practices. Crop rotation, fallowing, contour ploughing or pit planting and manure application were found to have a positive effect on soil health through improved resilience to soil erosion. The study concludes that conservation agricultural practices will be useful in Ghana’s quest of achieving zero hunger since the conservation agricultural practices ensure that food is produced for the present generations without compromising the soil health for further productions. Hence, the current Ghanaian government’s flagship programme dubbed ‘planting for food and jobs’ should include conservation agriculture as a priority module in its framework so that households could both increase their output while maintaining the quality of the soil.
Q00; Q01; Q12
3 - 12
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Gilbert DAGUNGA, Kamaru ABUBAKARI, Joseph AGEBASE AWUNI (2020) Conservation Agricultural Practices: Determinants And Effects On Soil Health For Sustainable Production In Northern Ghana. Review of Agricultural and Applied Economics. Advance online publication. doi: 10.15414/raae.2021.24.01.03-12
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